A global education network rich with opportunities

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The three Brighton Colleges in the UAE continue to celebrate their rich and authentic connections with Brighton College in the UK bringing numerous benefits to pupils, staff and parents. These connections encompass various aspects from sharing the same ethos and values ​​and curriculum, to regular quality assurance visits, professional development opportunities, university support and guidance, portability between the colleges, an illustrious alumni network, inter-college competitions and parent engagement.

Annual College Peer Review

Most recently Brighton College UK and the three Brighton College UAE schools established an annual peer school review to further enhance the already strong partnership and governance that exists between the three schools. The annual review brought together school leaders and experts from Brighton College UK, Brighton College UAE as well as Bloom Education; with the one aim to continue to drive the delivery of an outstanding education integrated with the Brighton College values ​​and ways of working.

Future Careers and University Guidance

Brighton College offers a university support and guidance program for all pupils, ensuring that they graduate to leading universities across the world. The UAE schools recently welcomed a visit from Richard Worrollo, Director of Global Futures at Brighton College International, who gave a talk on the ‘Current University Landscape’ for those seeking inspiration and insight about the world of universities.

In addition, Brighton College Dubai school launched an Oxbridge Group to help prepare pupils for the application process, while Sixth Form pupils from the UAE are given the opportunity to experience valuable guidance from the university counselor in the UK during the annual visit to the home school .

Professional Alumni Network

The Brighton College Connect Alumni Network plays a vital role in nurturing a strong sense of community amongst its past and current pupils, providing graduates with invaluable access to a vast network of connections worldwide. Comprising Old Brightonians, the network offers assistance to graduates in various areas such as with internship opportunities, interview practice, career guidance and mentorship. By utilizing the trusted environment of Brighton College, Brighton College Connect empowers Old Brightonians to re-connect with former classmates and expand their professional network.

Inter-college Competitions

To foster healthy competition and academic growth among the pupils, the Brighton Colleges host a range of international competitions including, Young Musician of the Year, Leonardo Creative Competition for budding artists, and a science competition.

Global Parent Community

Brighton College also offers various opportunities for global parent involvement through webinars to keep parents informed and engaged and the Brighton Society, a social network specifically designed for parents to network and be part of a community. Additionally, the Brighton Lecture Series webinar provides a platform for intellectual growth and discussion.

The Brighton Colleges in the UAE remain dedicated to enhancing their already strong ties with Brighton College UK to enrich the educational experience for its pupils and to nurture a vibrant and inclusive community. Through these connections, pupils, staff and parents continue to benefit from a truly global educational network.


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About Brighton College Dubai

Brighton College Dubai is a co-educational independent school that offers a distinctively British education to pupils aged from three to 18 years old. As the sister school of Brighton College UK, Brighton College Dubai has strong and tangible links to England’s ‘School of the Decade’, as named in the Sunday Times Parent Power League Table 2020.

Since launching its purpose-built campus in Al Barsha South in 2018 the College has been crowned by Schools Compared Top School Awards as ‘Best New School in the UAE 2018-2024’, while Which School Advisor credits the College for delivering “quite possibly the most outstanding early year’s practice in the UAE”. In addition, the College was recently graded as ‘Very Good’ by the KHDA and achieved ‘Outstanding’ in all areas of a recent British Schools Overseas report and has also celebrated outstanding GCSE and A-Level results. Talk Education describes the College as “One of the most desirable schools in the city”.

Brighton College Dubai is operated by Bloom Education, a Bloom Holding subsidiary, and delivers the highest standard British curriculum in the UAE, as well as inspiring pupils to appreciate and value local heritage and cultural diversity. As well as Brighton College Dubai, Bloom Education operates a Brighton College campus in Al Ain, rated Outstanding by ADEK and another in Abu Dhabi, renowned for its outstanding GCSE and A Level results.

For more information please visit: https://www.brightoncollegedubai.ae/

About Brighton College Al Ain

In 2016, Brighton College Al Ain achieved the esteemed ‘Outstanding’ rating from ADEK, becoming one of only five schools in the Emirate to do so, and the first in Al Ain. This commitment to excellence persisted, as the school maintained the ‘Outstanding’ rating in 2018 and once more during its most recent inspection in 2023, solidifying its distinction as the sole school in Al Ain to attain this prestigious rating.

Located in Zakher, the purpose-built 28-acre campus features state-of-the-art educational facilities, including a 450-seat auditorium, an IAFF-accredited athletics track, a 25-meter swimming pool, all-weather football pitches, and cutting-edge science and ICT labs. Aligned with the standards upheld by Brighton College UK (voted England’s School of the decade by the Sunday Times) and other Brighton Colleges worldwide, the campus underscores the school’s dedication to providing an exceptional level of education.

With a diverse student body consisting of Emirati and expatriate pupils from around the world, they offer a vibrant and challenging learning environment alongside a distinct British independent school ethos for students aged 3 to 18 years old. Brighton College Al Ain nurtures talents, skills, and character and provides a rich extra-curricular program that complements academic studies.

Operated by Bloom Education, Brighton College Al Ain is consistently ranked as one of the top-performing schools for academic results in the UAE, college pupils secure offers at leading universities around the world pursuing further studies in fields including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Finance , English and the Sciences.

Bloom Education, a Bloom Holding subsidiary, delivers the highest standards of a British curriculum education in the UAE and is committed to inspiring its pupils to appreciate and value local heritage and cultural diversity.


About Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is rated ‘Very Good’ by ADEK and stands as one of the top British-curriculum schools in the Middle East, catering to pupils aged 3 to 18 years old. Operated by Bloom Education, the school consistently delivers exceptional academic results, offers a wide array of co-curricular activities, provides outstanding pastoral care and fosters a strong sense of community at its core.

Recognized as one of the ‘Top 10’ private schools in the Middle East in the 2024 Spear’s Schools Index in partnership with Thuso, Brighton College Abu Dhabi is part of the renowned Brighton College family of Schools and serves as the sister school to England’s ‘School of the Decade’ (The Sunday Times).

Pupils at Brighton College Abu Dhabi experience a vibrant and demanding learning environment, underpinned by a distinct British independent school ethos that mirrors the values ​​and dynamic culture of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Situated in a purpose-built campus adjacent to Khalifa Park, the school features state-of-the-art facilities and is staffed by highly experienced and talented academic and support staff, maintaining the exceptional standard of education upheld by other Brighton Colleges worldwide.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi equips its pupils with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve excellent GCSE and A-Level results, ensuring that its alumni secure placements at leading universities across the globe. The Class of 2023 held over 100 offers from Russell Group Universities and went on to study at universities including Exeter, Manchester, UCL, Leeds, Durham and King’s College London. Beyond the UK pupils attend prestigious institutions including Berkley, Dartmouth, UCLA, Purdue, University of Toronto, University of Geneva and Rome University of the Arts.

The school’s consecutive recognition as the ‘British School of the Year’ by LUXLife Private Education Awards in both 2022 and 2023 underscores its ongoing success.

Bloom Education, a Bloom Holding subsidiary, delivers the highest standards of a British curriculum education in the UAE and is committed to inspiring its pupils to appreciate and value local heritage and cultural diversity.


About Bloom Education

Bloom Education supports the development of future generations through partnerships with world-class international education brands, owns brand schools and nurseries, and the operations of UAE Charter Schools and New Generation Schools.

A pioneer in the Middle East education sector for more than 10 years, Bloom Education has introduced and operated leading American, English and International Baccalaureate curriculum education brands in the UAE market and has provided exceptional educational experiences and opportunities to more than 16,000 students. The partner of choice for international school brand Brighton College, Bloom Education has been entrusted to deliver and sustain the highest international standards locally and has been selected by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) to operate the Abu Dhabi Charter Schools program. Bloom Education has also been chosen by Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) to operate schools in the Northern Emirates, as part of the ‘Ajyal’ (new ‘generation’) school initiative.

With a keen focus on providing the best educational opportunities to help craft better futures for the youth of the UAE, Bloom Education launched its first ‘own-brand’ premium IB school, Bloom World Academy, in Dubai in August 2022. The school has introduced many firsts in the UAE, such as Learning Achievement Passports (LAP), individual learning pathways and the later start time of 9am, allowing for students’ learning to be in balance with family life. Bloom Education’s opportunity-rich environments allow it to nurture its community of students so they can reach their highest potential – intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally and their success is reflected in the high quality of their graduates who continue their studies at leading universities around the world, including the Ivy league and Russell Group.

As the population grows and the world becomes more competitive, Bloom Education’s focus continues to be on discovering the world’s best education brands and to provide stellar alternatives to move abroad for a world-class education.
For more information, please visit https://www.bloomeducation.com/