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Education Definition

Intramuscular Injection: Definition and Patient Education

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Education Definition

What Is Personalized Learning?

Is it going to transform public schools, finally bringing education into the age of digitally driven personalization embodied by companies such as Amazon and Netflix? Or is it a billionaire-backed boondoggle, aimed primarily at replacing teachers and extracting data from children? When it comes to “personalized learning,” there’s no shortage of hyperbole from either proponents or critics.

Here’s what you need to know about the realities of one of the biggest, most controversial trends in K-12 education—starting with the most difficult question first.

What exactly is personalized learning?

Inside K-12 schools, the term is used to mean just about anything.

Education Definition

IBM Defining Global Education Market Beyond Traditional Borders

Traditions pair well with educational models around the world. For better or worse, the industry has leaned into legacy data and practices to support ongoing relationships between schools and their local communities. Contribution to the local, state and national economies calls for integrative approaches that boast substantive relationships between public and private entities. Tradition, though, has taken a significant blow in the form of Covid-19 forcing many in education to rewrite approaches and practices in the spirit of continuity.

As vaccines enter the market, the question is whether or

Education Definition

Teaching Juneteenth and the Meaning of Freedom

On June 19, 1865, over 250,000 enslaved Black people in Texas were informed that the Civil War was won months earlier and they were finally free. Since then, Juneteenth, also known as “Juneteenth Independence Day,” “Emancipation Day,” “Jubilee Day,” or “Freedom Day,” has been celebrated by Black communities. The date became a federal holiday in 2021 after decades of activists’ and organizers’ hard work to convince our leaders to designate June 19th as a National Independence Day.

Although Juneteenth is commemorated when most K-12 schools are on summer break, it remains a valuable part of our nation’s history and an

Education Definition

Education By Design: Challenging the Traditional Definition of a Learning Space

A new generation of school buildings is being designed to accommodate a new generation of students. Working with educators, many of today’s architects and interior designers are replacing last century’s staid school buildings and box-like classrooms with architecturally bold designs that are affordable, aesthetic, and energy-efficient.

Gone for good in many districts are rigid rows of heavy steel-framed desks with students facing a lecturer at the front of a neutral-colored classroom white chalk in hand.

“My classroom doesn’t have a front,” says Lauren Rudman, a teacher at Discovery Elementary School in Arlington, Va. “It’s flexible.”

Increasingly, new school interiors include

Education Definition

Montana educators and officials debate educational ‘equity’

In today’s hot-button debates about public education, even the definition of a single word carries considerable weight.

Last year, California’s public school system became embroiled in controversy over proposed revisions to the state’s guidelines for math education. Advocates defended the changes as an attempt to remedy ongoing achievement gaps for minority and low-income students and to foster more inclusive classrooms for K-12 students. But critics decried the revisions as an effort to infuse math lessons with political rhetoric, and their concerns primarily revolved around one word: equity.

An early draft of the revisions rejected the idea that some students are

Education Definition

Universal Pre-K | National Institute for Early Education Research

Inquiring minds often want to know which states offer “universal pre-K.” As states vary in what they define as universal pre-K (UPK) and in how far they have progressed toward fully implementing a universal program as intended, the answer is somewhat complicated.

classroom learning

Regarding definitions, the term UPK can mean simply that the sole eligibility criterion is age, in contrast to “targeted” programs in which eligibility is limited by child or family characteristics, most commonly income. This does not mean that the program is available to all applicants, as there may be caps on spending or enrollment that limit the

Education Definition

What Is a Machine Learning Algorithm?

What are machine learning algorithms?

A machine learning algorithm is the method by which the AI ​​system conducts its task, generally predicting output values ​​from given input data. The two main processes involved with machine learning (ML) algorithms are classification and regression.

An ML algorithm is a set of mathematical processes or techniques by which an artificial intelligence (AI) system conducts its tasks. These tasks include gleaning important insights, patterns and predictions about the future from input data the algorithm is trained on. A data science professional feeds an ML algorithm training data so it can learn from that data