Five thrifting tips from a pro

Life is all about enjoying simple pleasures. For me, one of those joys is scouring sales for a great deal on something I love. 

I didn’t always enjoy thrifting. I found it overwhelming, time-consuming and difficult to find things that fit in with my style. Over the years, I’ve come to realize buying secondhand is a skill that takes time to acquire. 

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Brittany Philbin, owner of Vintage Thrifts and Flips, stumbled upon thrifting when looking for ways to live more sustainably. She has since turned it into a business, garnering more than 13,000 followers on an Instagram account from which she sells her finds and, more recently, opening up a storefront in Parma. 

Brittany Philbin is the owner of Vintage Thrifts and Flips.

I recently hopped on the phone with Philbin to rack her brain for her best tips on finding gems among junk.  

1. Shop with a list and budget. 

The first step to sorting through the clutter is having a concise idea of what you’re looking for in your mind. Philbin said she keeps a running list of things she needs for her home and refers back to it while shopping. It also helps when browsing on places like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, Philbin said, because you can save specific searches and get alerts for when those items are on the market.